Thu, May 30, 2024   
CKCC is involved with the State’s Agriculture Board to encourage Sabah’s local farmers to grow Coffee Beans at their own land, conducted along the PPP Principle – Public Private Partnership.

The Coffee Bean chosen for this program is the near-exclusive Liberica Beans, with its uniquely pungent aroma & flavour.


This Partnership is forged on a tri-party benefits’ basis as follows:

  • State Agricultural Board to provide technical support & guidance
  • CKCC to provide processing & marketing assistance, with minimum price guarantee for all produces
  • The local farmers to benefit from utilization of their own land with guaranteed income for a long term

On a broader scale, both CKCC and local farmers as Buyer / Supplier will be shielded from fluctuations in coffee bean prices thanks to this arrangement.

Meeting with the local village folks during initiation of Coffee Bean plantation scheme.
As well, by concentrating on growing indigenous Liberica beans, Sabah will have the opportunity to showcase a bean that is unique to its landscape, and attract tourism inflow to its eco-tourism linked to the Liberica plantations.
Tourists keenly examining coffee trees whilst listening to presentations.
With increased awareness and reputation, Sabah as a unique Liberica bean producing state will gain worldwide recognition such as Hawaii (for its Kona beans) and Jamaica (for its Blue Mountain beans).
Cultivation of Liberica seedlings in dedicated nursery.
Seedlings being cultivated.