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Cap Kuda Coffee Company (or Yap Yu Sdn Bhd trading as Hock Lee Coffee Powder Factory) was established in the early 1960s processing roast, ground and Malaysia 's unique caramelized coffee.

It is today one of the largest coffee manufacurers in Sabah, operating out of a specialized office-plant on 1.5 acre site.


The company has utilized modern technology in production and is the First and only coffee plant to install a fully automatic roasting machine from Brazil in 1989. To meet rising demand for its products, the company installed a second unit of roasting machine in 1999. 


Its products under the trademark banner "Kopi Cap Kuda"; with premium beans undergoing special caramelizing process, are widely distributed in all areas of Sabah and off-shore Labuan, and some parts of Sarawak. 

To keep abreast of competition in the regional and global markets, CKCC has in year 2000 successfully adopted and been accredited the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System; an additional recognition alongside its Halal certification. 


This has served to continually maintain stringent quality control on its manufacturing process, to make products that are on par with international standards. 

Currently, CKCC has embarked on a state-wide education initiative with 2-fold objectives:

  • Educate general public about coffee products & culture
  • Elevate coffee drinking habit amongst targeted demographics

These are achieved with a Showroom and commissioning of a Coffee Professional Academy within its premises.

To complete CKCC's vertical integration with its coffee processes, the company is now working jointly with Sabah Agricultural Board in coffee planting programs throughout the state, with a view to growing unique species of coffee beans for own production needs and export. This will have long term benefits of raising income levels of local villagers within the state. 



CKCC has continued to invest in research & development activities with SIRIM and other external parties to explore and commercialize new coffee based products, culminating in the imminent launching of few lines of products in 2005. 

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